This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game WhisperWave. It was developed at Abertay University in the United Kingdom. In this game you play as a stranded alien trying to escape from a bunker. In the bunker however, there are supersonic using bats which chase and try to eat you. The game is made on a 3D platform, though some of the objects, such as the bats, are still in 2D. You control the character using WASD to navigate your way through the maze-like bunker. Every time you move a small circle appears around you, showing the range of the noise which you make. The bats also send out a directional wave marking where they can hear you.

            If a bat detects you, it chases you around the maze so long as you are still in its range. If it touches you, you lose health. As an added obstacle there is glass on the ground which makes more noise and attracts bats from further away.

            While I think the game is quite impressive for being made in such a short amount of time, I don’t think that it’s really all that fun. There is glass right at the outset of the game which disallows you get around even the very first bat. The controls are also a little squirrely and imprecise. It’s very difficult to make your way around the maze. It becomes even harder when you reach a set of pillars that are very close together.

            Additionally, I think the game would be made much more interesting if the bats weren’t quite so fast. They’re nearly as fast as you are, and although you can outrun them it takes a long period of time running in a straight path – of which there are very few in this game. Hitting any obstacle while being chased means certain death. There are also questions remaining about the premise of the game. Why make the main character an alien if there are no other science fiction elements? Yes there is a spaceship outside, but the game could have been made in exactly the same way with just a regular human trying to escape a castle or dungeon. And why are there killer bats in a military bunker?