Polo's Escape

This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game Polo's Escape. It was developed at Milano, Politecnico di Milano in Italy. Overall, the game was good for being only made in a single weekend. It's not a game I would go out of my way to play more than one time for about 20 min though. The premise is that you are on a diplomatic space mission in the future and you have to use the orbits of various asteroids and debris to navigate through space to get to black holes.

The controls are just space bar, A, and D. A and D change your initial launching direction at the beginning of each round and space bar launches you from one orbit to another. The point of the game is to not die either by missing the orbits of objects completely or by running directly into planets. Most of the levels only allowed you to see things very near your space ship, so that you had to go through trial and error to figure out the direction you need to launch. Some levels allowed you to see the entire area, but those levels had other aspects that made them more difficult.

The game looked quite good due to the beautiful space backgrounds in each round, and the music made the game enjoyable. It was aesthetically very pleasing and the gameplay was fun to an extent. Many objects in the game didn't move at all, and the lack of animations made it a bit boring. I think if they had made the levels more animated, I would have enjoyed it much more. The story was decent, but didn't hold my attention for long. At first I read through the scenes but eventually just started skipping through.

The gameplay was fun and the whole game concept was actually quite cool, so I was able to thoroughly enjoy the game for a good 15 min. That might sound bad but I was actually quite impressed. It was interesting figuring out where you needed to launch and finding the way to time your jumps perfectly. I started to sometimes attempt to guess where the end portal was and shoot there on the dark levels. I think levels should have been a bit longer and a bit easier at the beginning.