This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game Jump'N. It was developed at Global Game Jam Calgary in Canada.


This game is a simple survival game to see how long the user can last before dying. The character is a squishy looking purple cube hopping from island square to island square. The game can be measured by the amount of time you stay in located at the top of the screen.

The controls for this game consisted of spacebar. The title screen graphics for this game were very simple and even gave some hints of throwbacks with the early 2000-esque fonts.. The entire art scheme around the game was very colorful and simplistic.

I thought the concept of this game was very easy to understand and similar to other popular games like the Google Chrome T-Rex game. Leaving the controls to only one key made it easy to maneuver and catch onto the game fairly simply.

All in all I found this game to be very simple with a simplistic premise to follow.  I like how the game included simple features like using the spacebar to play again to avoid going to the tile screen and other features like allowing the user to exit out of the game.