Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Do Not Feed the Monkeys screenshot

First Impressions: Have you ever wanted to voyeur and get paid for it? Have you ever wanted to be a detective, snooping around people’s lives through a window? Does being able to pay rent make you all exited? Well with this game you can do all three as you are invited to an exclusive “Primate Observation Club”. Starting the game, you come see that it is people you are observing through multiple surveillance cameras. Starting with four different cameras, you can switch between them freely with each playing a different scene. In order to progress in the game, you purchase more of these cameras. As you spend the day voyeuristically spying through the cameras, you also must juggle your health, tiredness and hunger. Not to mention the rent you have to pay to the landlady every couple of days. Will you rise through the ranks of the club to see the end or fail along the way?


Going Further: Going through this game, the premise feels unique as one voyeurs through each camera or as the game calls it, “cages” and set out to learn something within each cage. The game felt very engaging for the time that I played it. Although it starts with just four cameras, it quickly grows into a balancing act as one purchases more cameras and a few more mechanics of the game is told to you. The game continuously kept being engaging, giving the player continuous deadlines to meet certain tasks and discover something specific about a scene on top of juggling jobs to be able to pay rent. Managing one’s health, hunger, and tiredness was another layer for player engagement, making one decide whether sleep is necessary or whether staying up with coffee to glean more info from the cameras at the price of health would be more beneficial. The game is rather simple with the way one gleans extra info about each cage whether it be staking out for a “night” or searching for more info on the game’s internet search browser “Pro-owl”, all one having to do being to click on what is marked but it feels appropriate as it never felt over or under-bearing as one deals with the looming deadlines over their head as they play the game. In the end, the game boils down to whether you yourself will “feed the monkeys” and interact with the cages you are voyeuring, going against the title of the game and the rules of the club. The game has multiple endings and it seems what starting “cages” one begins with is random making it replay-able and not having each game feel the same. One play-through of the game is short, but one will be finding themselves doing something for each second they play it.

Reviewed by
F. S.