Crab Jam Review

game level 12

This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game "Crab Jam". It was developed in Canada. ( In this game, you play as a crab that has to avoid getting swept away by oncoming waves, by solving a puzzle to block yourself with rocks, plants, and other sea life. In order to move the crab you use either the arrow keys or WASD keys. To move an object, you push it by moving behind it and pushing it forward. There are 12 levels to the game, each one getting progressively more difficult to solve with additional obstacles you have to maneuver. Once you think you have solved the puzzle, you press the spacebar and a series of waves comes. If you avoid them all, you proceed to the next level.

I really enjoyed the graphics and sounds in this game. The whole game had a very cohesive design and excellent animation with character movement, waves, and screen transitions. I thought the wave animations were especially well created and figuring out how to play was relatively easy and straightforward, while the game's challenging features made each level more engaging.

Overall, I really liked this game and it's features. I really enjoyed the puzzles, especially as they got harder with each level. The last few were pretty hard! My favorite part of this game was the graphics. I think this game really took the GGJ17 theme (waves) and ran with it.

I found that personally I did not want to complete this game all at once, and the completion of all the levels is probably better over a length of time. The last few levels, as previously mentioned, were very difficult and my attention did not last. My only critique would be that the last few levels had almost too many elements to the puzzle, but everything in terms of execution was flawless! Very cute game for almost all ages.