Charlie Green

Charlie Green

This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game Charlie Green. It was developed at Haifa in Israel.

This game is about a rock star that has to make it to their show on time by travelling through a whimsical world. The world is filled with bright, popping colors and musical instruments to fit the rock star theme of the game. Charlie Green runs horizontally across the screen and must keep running to stay ahead of the crowd trying to obtain autographs and meet the star himself. In addition to evading the masses, Charlie must "rock" through obstacles in the world to get to the concert on time. 

The controls of this game are intuitive and simple: left and right arrow keys for movement and space bar to jump. As the game progresses, new controls are introduced, such as "x" to smash a rock in the way. The player must use the jump command carefully timed twice in a row to jump to higher ledges that could not be reached with a single bound. The graphics combined with the selected sound effects create an atmosphere of urgency and whimsy in this world. The background graphics are intriguing because the scrolling effect simulates running quickly away from a crowd. The peace and music minivan which is a classic rock star symbol at the beginning of the game is very charming and is congruent with the story line. The developers used Audacity to create the music and sound effects that when combined with the animation and graphics, make the game. 

I liked this game because its graphics are eye-catching. Having the bright colors and positive music encourages a happy gaming experience. My favorite part about the game is the animation of the jumps from Charlie Green. When he jumps, he plays a drum. The attention to small details in this game shows how much work the creators put in during its creation during the 2017 Global Game Jam. The music and sound effects seem very fitting and necessary for a game about a rock star. The tune is enchanting and draws the player into the world to focus on evading the crowd and rocking through the obstacles in the way. When the crowd finally catches up to you, this is conveyed by having many black reaching arms grab the character from the left side of the screen. This animation is very fluid and makes me want to play again to see if I really can outrun the adoring fans. 

As a whole, this game seems very complete. The story line, graphics, animation, and sounds are combined to create a fun user experience. If I were to add anything to the game, it would be a few more types of obstacles, or maybe some kind of scoreboard implementation if an enemy/obstacle in game was defeated. A powerup that the user could use could be a microphone that could be used to sing a pre-concert song to slow down the speed of the game for a bit and tide over fans in stretches of the game that had a variety of difficult obstacles to overcome. Overall, this game is fun to play and easy to pick up, but easy to get stuck playing longer than anticipated because of the well thought out story and animation.