This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game WhisperWave. It was developed at Abertay University in the United Kingdom. In this game you play as a stranded alien trying to escape from a bunker. In the bunker however, there are supersonic using bats which chase and try to eat you. The game is made on a 3D platform, though some of the objects, such as the bats, are still in 2D. You control the character using WASD to navigate your way through the maze-like bunker. Every time you move a small circle appears around you, showing the range of the noise which you make.

Hello World

This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game Hello World. It was developed at Gran Mermelada Jam MX in Mexico. 


This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game Jump'N. It was developed at Global Game Jam Calgary in Canada.

This game is a simple survival game to see how long the user can last before dying. The character is a squishy looking purple cube hopping from island square to island square. The game can be measured by the amount of time you stay in located at the top of the screen.

Charlie Green

This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game Charlie Green. It was developed at Haifa in Israel.

The Unsound

This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game The Unsound. It was developed at Centro Multimedia - Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico. ( This game is about a hero who enters a different world where they have to identify different creatures by frequencies and by using a special machine, have to match their wavelength to survive them and escape this world. The player has to acquire 4 of the keys throughout the game, and in order to get the keys the player has to sync into the guardian's wavelength with the unsound.

Football Manager 2016

For the past year, I played Sports Interactive’s Football Manager 2016, the “premier” football (soccer) management simulator. I managed Borussia Dortmund and conquered footballing Europe for many fictional years. In another save, I managed Olympique Lyonnais, where I won the Ligue 1 and the Europa League in my first season in charge.

Undertale: A Garden Full of Easter Eggs (like, they're literally everywhere)

Undertale is an 8-bit style puzzle role playing game (RPG) for the PC. Players control a child that has been cast into an imaginative world filled with monsters. The game has a heavy focus on narrative and dialogue, with a plethora of objects, adorable characters, and environment to interact with very often employing humor. It features a catchy, very well-built soundtrack that makes progressing through the game pleasant and fun.