The Unsound

Screenshot of The Unsound

This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game The Unsound. It was developed at Centro Multimedia - Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico. ( This game is about a hero who enters a different world where they have to identify different creatures by frequencies and by using a special machine, have to match their wavelength to survive them and escape this world. The player has to acquire 4 of the keys throughout the game, and in order to get the keys the player has to sync into the guardian's wavelength with the unsound. If the player takes too long to sync, the guardian will drain the players life, so they have to act quickly. 

I really enjoyed how simple the graphics were. It reminded me of the video games I played in my childhood, where the game only uses 8 bit style visuals and 8 bit style audio. It fit in with the game scheme well and helped evoke the "bizarre" world the player is trying to escape. The color palette was very pleasing as well, and seemed as if the artist put in a good amount of effort coming up with the graphics. The controls of WASD and the up/down/left/right buttons were clear and easy to understand. 

Right off the bat, I appreciated how clear the direction of the game was and how the instructions were easily incorporated into the game. The player is forced to read a few sentences on the screen of how to play the game, which eliminated a lot of confusion if you didn't know anything about the game going into it. 

This is a game you could play if you were bored or have a strange appreciation for 8 bit style visuals. I personally have nothing too positive or negative to say about this game overall, as it is pretty subjective to the player. It has an interesting concept; a concept that I've never seen before. 

- JC