Undertale screenshot

First Impression: This is an RPG game, in which you become a little girl who went into the world of monsters living underground. The game was designed to look like old-fashion (blocky graphics, turn-based combat…), game, but the graphics looks crisp and the game is smooth. It seems to have a very interesting story and there is a lot going on for the NPCs. From the conversations with these NPCs, they seem to be very human-like (facial expression, talking, acting…). Additionally, the combat system of the game does not just stop at just being turn-based. There are many extra options such as flee and spare, or talk to monster…


Going Further: As I expected, this game is what I would call a sleeper-game. It looks mediocre but the story, the creativity put into this game is amazing. I have not finished the game yet, but I will because I want to see how it ends. I think that this game will have multiple endings, like Bandersnatch on Netflix. First, I really love the music of this game. This background music sounds so peaceful, which invited me to play and submerge. Secondly, as I mentioned in the first impression, this game has a lot going for both the NPCs and its combat system. The NPCs, along with the story is well thought out. In the game. Flowey the Flower was impressive, he tricked me into taking the bullets and then when I dodged the bullets he popped and became evil, again, very creative. As for Toriel, she made me feel like she was the mother of the child, not just some good Samaritan. In the game I got to the point I accidentally killed her (my damage just popped out of nowhere). So, I reload the game to go back and try other actions (spare). This time she let me go… Then, I met Flowey again and he revealed that he knew I killed Toriel, which was creepy, and that he used to have the power to “save” as well.

Reviewed by
Toan Pham