Subnautica screenshot

First Impression: This is another RPG survival game, where you are a crew member of a space ship called “Aurora”. The Aurora got into an accident and crashed into a nearby planet. You seem to be the only crew member who survived. Now you have to try to survive, gathering material to build tools and weapon, eat alien fish and drink distilled water to survive. The sound effects, as well as the background music of the game, is amazing, they will make you feel like you are in the ocean. The graphics of the game very realistic as well. The game does seem to have a well-developed story, but it will be revealed as you progress through the game.


Going Further: I love this game, I played it for 4 hours straight. There is nothing to complain about this game. Everything is great. The sound effects and music are perfect. These alien monsters with their realistic appearance and their underwater growl give me goosebumps. The graphics are a little bit cartoony, not as realistic as some other AAA games, but I love this graphics style. Of course, in an “underwater” game, oxygen should have an important role and Subnautica implemented the oxygen system (oxygen capacity, oxygen tank, plants that release oxygen, mask that filter oxygen to get more efficiency) perfectly. Even thought Subnautica does not have a level system, the player is still restricted by an invisible level system. The player needs to gather material near the lifepod to build Seaglide first, only then the player can travel farther to gather more material to build better tools and transportation. The story of the game is also revealed as the player explore farther from the lifepod, which force the player to build certain tools/transportation to progress in the game. The biomes system is also very cool, each biome has its specific characteristics (color scheme, monsters, materials…).

Reviewed by
Toan Pham