Monument Valley


My first impression of Monument Valley was that of awe. The game itself is very well made, and the animation and map implementation is amazing; those aspects mixed with the music got me hooked. I am a huge fan of puzzle games, so this caught my eye instantly. I remember first being introduced to this game from the Netflix show House of Cards. The product placement in the show made me want to dish out the money to play this game. To traverse through the map, you click on the screen to move to the intended location. But you have to twist the map in a certain way so that you can reach that intended location.

As I played through the levels, I gained a better understanding of the game; at the beginning I didn’t quite understand the story, and this made me confused. Through my progression, however, I began to understand that the story on a princess who endlessly wanders. At the conclusion of each puzzle map / world, a token comes out of her hat and she returns it. At one point there was a ghost or phantom in the game who tells the princess that she mustn’t remember what’s happening. She has been wandering too long because she’s a thief. That’s the reason why she’s returning these items; she wants to remember and stop wandering.

I highly recommend this game to whoever enjoys puzzles. My favorite puzzle was one I found half way through the game: you run into a world which reminded me of Pandora’s Box (as shown in the picture attached). Your goal is to light the yellow, green, blue, and pink lights up at the top. You scroll, swipe, and move, keeping an eye out for the correct way to reach the individual buttons that’ll turn on these lights and go through doors that’ll lead you there. Throughout the game, these crows-like characters are shown, squawking whenever you pass them. I wasn’t sure the reason behind their actions. By completing the game, you transform into one of these exact creatures, with a crown.

- Anonymous Joe