Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Do Not Feed the Monkeys screenshot

First Impression: This is a game in which you became a member of the “The Primate Observation Club”. A mysterious friend of yours suggested that you should join this private club. At the beginning of the game, you were informed that you were accepted and became a member of the club. There certain rules within the club and the one that seems a little bit strange is “Do not feed the monkeys”. Playing the game, you will have a monitor at home, where you monitor “cages” and report back to the club every once a while. At the same time, you struggle to remain healthy (eat and sleep enough), as well as working part-time jobs to pay rent and food.


Going Further: I like this game at first, but it got bored after a while, or it did not get more interesting quick enough. In the game, I got to day 5 and solved 2 cases. I don’t know if I did it right or not, but my situation seems to be getting worse and worse. I took quite some time to solve the first inquiry from the club, which rewarded me with very little money. For the second case, after I figured out I can search for things on the Internet and that I need to gather certain information to put together a search key, it got a little bit easier. Even though I tried to sleep 7 hours a day and eat healthily, my health points keep going out and it is a real struggle to balance between working part-time jobs, sleep, investigate and eat healthily. Basically, everything about this club is fishy and eventually, I think I will end up like the mysterious friend who warned me about my health condition. I see that the game has a certain interesting aspect to it, especially the clues. From the clues, you will have to basically guess who some person is and then try to put together search terms to get the answer for the club.

Reviewed by
Toan Pham