Dicey Dungeon

Dicey Dungeon screenshot

First Impressions: My initial reaction is that I could see myself playing this game for a while. I am a big fan of RPG’s and probability games, and this seems like a winner. It incorporates a ton of player choice, especially playing the witch class. multiple spells and dice combinations with different effects. I played the thief initially but it seemed a little stale, the witch is much more engaging. 

It seems as if you can't heal right away, which makes you have to win your first two fights, but they aren’t that difficult. There isn’t much for a tutorial built in, the “End turn” button should be a little more obvious. 

I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of turn-based games like Pokemon or the final fantasy series. It has a nice light-hearted feel too it and the art compliments that very well.

Going Further: Playing through the witch was very fun. I got to the last boss and lost with 1HP remaining, tried to grab a screenshot, but as soon as I hit a key, it sent me back to the beginning. The game is kind of punishing in that you have to start back over from the beginning if you die. However, it makes you take your time with turns and really think about your odds. For me, it made defeating enemies and progressing that much more rewarding. 

It took me about 30 minutes to reach the last boss for the witch. The playthrough seemed tailored to that class specifically, testing your knowledge of the class as you go. There was also alternate play modes that I haven’t gotten a chance to try yet, but I will definitely be replaying this game again.

The different spells were really interesting to play with, there has definitely been time put in on coming up with balanced tradeoffs. The upgraded spell slots are a nice touch, and if you play your dice correctly, you can have some very long elaborate turns from multiplying dice and re-preparing spell slots. 

The enemies all have their own flavor (gimmick) to them. After a few playthroughs, if they don’t shuffle, you could definitely come up with an optimal strategy that will win every time. There is definitely room to grow, but overall this game is very enjoyable. 

Reviewed by
Trevor Marsano