First Impressions

SUPERHOT is an instantly likable first person shooter. The game starts out with a bit of a background premise that the player is a user on an old computer. You can hear the loud buzz and processing noises of the machine as you play. It starts out with the player's friend messaging the player with a cracked copy of a new game – SUPERHOT. The story is the typical trope of “you don't really know what's going on but it feels Matrix-y” - not that that's bad. In fact, I like a bit of mystery. The game jumps straight into the action, and warms the player up nicely with the different mechanics in the first few levels. The gimmick is that time only moves when you move. So, when facing a group of enemies, you can take your time aiming, and planning out a path that avoids their bullets. And, if you ever feel overwhelmed, you can just stop and look around. I'm already hooked and am eager for more story.


Going Further

Thankfully, there was more to the story. I keep being able to talk to my buddy who supplied me with the game, and more interesting things keep happening during gameplay. The later levels of SUPERHOT get pretty stressful. In SUPERHOT, any hit you take, be it a punch, bullet, or baseball bat, will kill you. This caused those more difficult levels to be more than unforgiving. They started overwhelming me when I needed to be aware of bullets flying by in every direction, and from all sides. There's a level that starts you out with a baseball bat and plops you down among a bunch of enemies. It took me far too many tries to beat that level. I normally wouldn't complain about a game being too hard, but this linear of a game having one or two levels that are much more difficult than the rest gets boring. However, beating the harder levels is much more satisfying. It makes me feel like I'm in a slow-motion scene in an action movie along the lines of John Wick or The Raid. One level had no guns, only baseball bats and fisticuffs. That was probably my favorite level. It took some quick maneuvering and angling yourself in such a way that the enemies can't surround you to kill you. Being able to elbow an enemy while they're raising a bat, take the bat, throw it at another enemy, and destroy both enemies felt incredibly satisfying; the choreography felt like it belonged in a movie.

Overall I would recommend SUPERHOT to anyone looking for an interesting twist on the first person shooter genre. However, the game was too short to justify a $25 price tag. It only took me a few hours to beat the whole game. Definitely keep and eye out for SUPERHOT during a sale.

- Tim M.