Monument Valley


First Impressions

Monument Valley is a puzzle game very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The minimalistic art style, color choices, and construction of the world are the elements that captured my attention the most. But what I think really makes it shine is the combination of pure aesthetics and focus on the gameplay where there is nothing else cluttered on the game screen to distract you from it. In a unique world with its own rules, you are playing as a girl called Ida, embarking on a quest. To navigate through it, requires that you think outside the box and to see things from another perspective.


Going Further

I like how each of Monument Valley’s chapters focuses on different central mechanics and that each chapter served to gradually unveil Princess Ida’s story. From the little lines in the game, I knew that she was a Princess, but when I got to the end and saw her turning into a crow, the clues throughout the game made a lot more sense. Princess Ida’s action of stealing the Sacred Geometry has led to the cursing of the crow people which turned them all black and had them walking around the monuments continuously, and she sought to return the Sacred Geometry for forgiveness. It’s a neat little story that exhibits the lesson of righting one’s own wrong and that things can still be mended.

I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay, the art, and the story, but there was this one scene in the game that was a bit emotionally for me personally. It was the chapter where Princess Ida chances upon a totem friend who ends up helping her get through it. The scene at the very end, where she leaves and the totem friend trying to follow her, but failing to do so and ends up being swallowed up by the ocean, was a bit heartbreaking. All in all, I would definitely recommend this game as it was a quite a unique experience.

- SC