Shovel Knight


First Impressions

Shovel Knight is a 2D side-scrolling platform game. You play as Shovel Knight who wields a shovel to defeat his enemies. The story isn’t very interesting. Shovel Knight used to have a partner who got sucked into a black hole and now its Shovel Knight’s job to rid the world of evil. The game play is like most 2D side-scrolling games, Shovel Knight attacks enemies by either hitting them with his shovel or jumping on them from above with his shovel. There are some initial platforming elements with some difficult jumps the player has to make. The initial setting is a grassy land, Shovel Knight fights small bugs and dragons. The game mechanics are jumping and attacking. The player only needs about two buttons to figure out the game. There are some early RPG elements in the game, such as health and magic upgrades. This game is really fun so far and I think people would really enjoy playing it if they enjoy old school platformers or Castlevania.


Going Further

Shovel Knight is a fun and challenging 2D platforming game. Shovel Knight has to defeat the Knights of No Quarter who have taken over the land. Shovel Knight uses his shovel to defeat enemies by swinging at them or by dropping down on them with his shovel. The game play is a lot of fun. There are some difficult platforming elements and challenges in the game. Shovel Knight can upgrade his skills by collecting jewels in each level to collect gold which is used to buy upgrades. Shovel Knight can upgrade his health, magic, armor, and shovel. Shovel Knight gets several special items which use magic to help him get through stages. None of these special items is necessary to complete the game however. The game also offers the player several challenges to complete during the game. These feats range from completing the game to defeating a certain amount of enemies using a certain item to beating the game without falling off of a platform. Shovel Knight navigates through each level through a world map. Each level in Shovel Knight involves defeating enemies and platforming until you reach the end of the level boss. Each boss is unique and tries to defeat Shovel Knight in different ways. Some bosses are very challenging and some are very simple to defeat. After defeating several bosses, you go to the tower to defeat the Enchantress. I really enjoyed this game. The game play is a lot of fun. I like the combination of challenging platformer elements with the upgradable RPG elements. The story is not very interesting, but the environments and each unique boss make up for the lack of an interesting story.

- Paul Hurd