The Beginner's Guide


First Impressions

Ok. The game The Beginner's Guide is a really unique game. When the game starts you have no idea what to expect. The game is not typical due to the constant narration of what you are currently looking at. The gameplay feel different than most games I have played. This difference is mainly due to the inconsistent controls throughout the game. The game starts as a narrative explaining how and who developed a certain map.  For the first 15 min at least you begin understanding the early works of person and his unusual perspective. In many cases it allows the player to experience its environment rather than focusing at a single mission. In many cases these in games missions do not allow a player to appreciate the beauty in games.


Going Further

Wow. After finishing the game I realize that this game had no major points. From start to finish the game seem to be based on narrations and explanation of what were looking at. The game had no exciting features or gameplay. The game had no missions, no enemies, and each level was impossible to understand. Having said that the game was pretty interesting in the standpoint of a programmer or game developer. Many of the chapters were really well developed. The interesting parts of this game were the interpretation from the narrator and the breakdown of each level. The different map walkthrough were from a game developer named Coda, which according to the narrator was depressed. I am not completely sure if Coda is a real person but the game seems to be personal. My first few thoughts towards the end of the game was that Coda might have not been as depressed as the narrator made seem. In fact the narrator seem much more troubled than Coda towards the end game. This game seems to be missing all the fundamental part of a real game; instead it brought a good unexplainable experience. There were many game features and components that were satisfying about this game. The best part of all it all is the fact that we explored maps not intended to be explored.

- Jesus V.