Monument Valley


First Impressions

After playing through the first couple puzzles in the game, I found myself amazed at the first couple of levels.  The game is very well made and the puzzles involve serious thinking.  After figuring out one, though, I am surprised at how they can warp things and perspectives.  Even in the first puzzle, I spent a couple minutes trying to figure out what to do until I realized how the game worked.  This game seems like a lot of fun and very interesting especially because the puzzles are fun to challenging but not too hard.  Having to flip the phone to look at multiple angles while having to figure out which angle I needed to get to in order to solve the puzzle presents an interesting obstacles.  Also, I found the atmosphere of the game to be rather relaxing and calming.  Overall, I look forward to continuing to play this game further.


Going Further

I was able to beat Monument Valley’s 10 levels and the extra level, Ida’s Dream, in about 1.5-2 hours.  I really enjoyed the puzzles in the game and found the whole atmosphere of the game to be relaxing.  The puzzles were decently easy for the first 9 levels and were straightforward.  The last level was by far the most difficult and it was only after I realized that I had to approach the goal from a different angle that I was able to complete the level.  The picture I included is of the 10th level and, I believe, demonstrates the mechanics of the game very well.  The biggest weakness of the game, I felt, was that the story was rather weak.  The majority of the game, the story seemed to be focused on exploring a dead civilization which focused on geometry.  In addition, small hints were given that Ida was some sort of descendant or princess.  I found the ending to be rather lack luster because Ida became a white crow princess with the other black crows becoming other colorful birds.  On the other hand, the puzzles presented in the different levels were creative and fun.  On the whole, they applied a variety of different mechanics from rotating to different angles and using a pillar “friend” to get to a target location.  The game did a fantastic job of creating different puzzles that required the player to really think about how to approach the problem in order to find the solution.  Overall, Monument Valley was a fun game and I have considered buying the sequel, Forgotten Shores.

- Daniel