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10-19 Blog: Lessons learned after making Anodyne with Sean Han Tani
10-19 Spider-Man’s Tom Holland stays tight-lipped on Jimmy Kimmel
10-19 Steam developers speak: Maximum profits for Valve, minimum responsibilities
10-19 Twitch suspends streamer Gross Gore after RuneFest misconduct allegations
10-19 Days Gone delayed two months
10-19 The four atoms of cooperative video games
10-19 PES 2019 Data Pack 2 Brings Two New Licensed Leagues And More
10-19 Common problems when translating games into Japanese
10-19 PUBG's Limited-Time Platoon Mode Canceled Due To "Critical Error"
10-19 The Flare Path: Iron Curtain Call
10-19 The Foxer
10-19 A beginner’s guide to streaming on Twitch and YouTube
10-19 Dirty Bomb ending development, servers to stay online
10-19 Wot I Think: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4
10-19 UK mags GamesTM and GamesMaster shut down
10-19 Review: Halloween
10-19 Rocket League’s proper cross-platform parties delayed to 2019
10-19 Aw for… Plunkbat’s 50v50 event mode delayed by ‘critical error’
10-19 2K quietly removes NBA Playgrounds from digital storefronts
10-19 RIP FuniRoll; Crunchyroll and Funimation split
10-19 PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Delayed
10-19 MapleStory 2 celebrates one million players with thank-you events
10-19 PUBG's PC Event Mode has been cancelled this week due to a "critical error"
10-19 What do you think of Ubisoft and Nintendo's Switch partnership so far?
10-19 PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone delayed
10-18 Skybound looking to bring back ex-Telltale staff to complete The Walking Dead: The Final Season
10-18 New Halloween Movie Is Expected To Break Box Office Records
10-18 Post-apocalypse survival title Days Gone delayed into April
10-18 Halloween director explains his creepy choice for the ending
10-18 Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Review: Hail Satan For Netflix's Halloween Treat
10-18 Arrow-verse Crossover: First Photo Of Superman's Black Suit
10-18 AHS: Apocalypse Season 8 Episode 6 "Return to Murder House" Breakdown!
10-18 Assassin's Creed Odyssey 1.0.5 Update Now Makes Greece More Stable
10-18 Diablo 3 Scavenger Hunt Giving Away Switch Bundles And Real Props
10-18 Fortnite Battle Bus Moves Faster Now
10-18 Rocket League Devs Hopeful For PS4 Cross-Play, Delays RocketID Update
10-18 Red Dead Redemption 2 Developers Speak Out On 100-Hour Week Comments
10-18 Look Out, Nintendo: New Smartphone Doesn't Shy Away From Pinpointing Its Competition
10-18 Sean Bean, Who Totally Never Dies, Is Hitman 2's First Elusive Target
10-18 Taco Bell Is Giving Away Xbox One X Consoles With A Special Twist
10-18 The 50 best free games on PC
10-18 Video: How Gauntlet paved the way for class-dependent multiplayer
10-18 The 10 Best Foreign Horror Movie Remakes, Ranked
10-18 Black Ops 4 shows just how important Zombies is to Call of Duty
10-18 Arcade fighter Soulcalibur 6 is out now, featuring Geralt from the Witcher series
10-18 Destiny 2 data mining suggests the return of Destiny’s Thunderlord
10-18 The One Thing The New Halloween Movie Changes About The Original
10-18 New Pokemon Trailer Introduces Master Trainers, Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee's Tough Post-Game Challenge
10-18 Half-Life 2, Portal, Left 4 Dead 2 and more now feature 4K enhancements on Xbox One X
10-18 Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Patch Fixes Up Zombies Mode
10-18 Fortnite Season 6 - Week 4 Secret Banner location
10-18 Red Dead Redemption 2 Game Size Confirmed, And It's Huge As Expected
10-18 Fortnite Secret Battle Banner Location: Week 4 Hunting Party Challenge (Season 6)
10-18 Lego DC Super-Villains swaps bad for good, but the formula doesn’t change
10-18 GameStop Sale On PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Games This Week (US)
10-18 Nice Sale On Horror Movies For Halloween
10-18 There's A New Mystery Game Subscription In Town For PC
10-18 Days Gone PS4 Release Date / Pre-Order Guide (US)
10-18 Spooky Brand-New Game Is Available On Xbox Game Pass
10-18 Nintendo Switch Gets Three New GameCube-Like Controllers For Smash Bros. Ultimate
10-18 Killer Deal On NBA 2K19--But Hurry (Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC)
10-18 Return Of The Obra Dinn mysteriously floats into port today
10-18 Skybound CEO aims to finish out The Walking Dead with '100%' former Telltalers
10-18 Rockstar Games clocks the average employee's workweek at 42-45 hours
10-18 Starlink is the family-friendly No Man’s Sky I didn’t know I wanted
10-18 Sixth annual Day of the Devs line-up features over 70 games
10-18 Funimation will cut ties with Crunchyroll, VRV next month
10-18 Get a job: Amnesia dev Frictional Games is hiring a Tools Programmer
10-18 Wot I Think: Lego DC Super-Villains
10-18 SteamVR now supports motion smoothing in beta
10-18 Super Mario Odyssey's new Zombie Mario is the best Mario since Nipple Mario
10-18 Which edition of Red Dead Redemption 2 should you buy?
10-18 The new Halloween is a terrifying slasher about survival
10-18 P.T. is, and always will be, the best horror game
10-18 Contest: Win a PS4 copy of Owlboy Limited Edition
10-18 Rockstar employees speak out against crunch controversy
10-18 Chunky retro FPS Project Warlock is out now
10-18 Red Dead Redemption 2 will require at least 99 GB of hard drive space
10-18 Don't Miss: Looking back at Left 4 Dead's dynamic AI
10-18 Pony Island dev's genre-hopping murder mystery The Hex is out now
10-18 Destiny 2 players have a rare opportunity to become much more powerful very quickly
10-18 Contest: Win a copy of Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption
10-18 Reigns: Game of Thrones sets familiar heads rolling today
10-18 Dota 2 now dynamically discloses loot box odds in-game
10-18 Facebook sponsors cutting-edge XRDC talks on VR art and AR design
10-18 Best gaming mouse 2018: Top wired and wireless mice
10-18 Logitech G Pro Wireless review: The best wireless gaming mouse ever made
10-18 Roma to receive a day-and-date theatrical release on 100 screens
10-18 Orange Box, Left 4 Dead get 4K enhancements on Xbox One X
10-18 BattleTech’s expansion will add 30 hours to the game in late November
10-18 Blog: Designing the boss battles in Shovel Knight - Part II
10-18 Six Foot lays off nearly one third of dev team following Dreadnought Steam launch
10-18 Has a year of updates finally made Gran Turismo Sport worth playing?
10-18 Zombie Mario comes to Super Mario Odyssey
10-18 All the biggest jerks in the Mushroom Kingdom are here in this collectible pin set
10-18 Pokémon: Let’s Go! pits you against Master Trainers in the postgame
10-18 Double Switch looks '90s as hell in this 25th Anniversary Edition trailer
10-18 Battlestar Galactica Deadlock channels the TV show in new DLC Anabasis
10-18 Loot Crate now sells indie games in a new blind box subscription service
10-18 Alt.Ctrl.GDC Inspirations: The award-winning Puppet Pandemonium!
10-18 The dream of DisneyQuest is dead
10-18 Black Ops 4 makes a staggering $500 million in three days
10-18 Blog: Creating Sprint Vector's fluid locomotion technology
10-18 Dark Souls leads this week’s Nintendo Switch eShop update
10-18 Kunio-kun: The World Classics Collection adds Double Dragon games to its archive
10-18 American Horror Story: Apocalypse finally offers closure for Murder House characters
10-18 Get a score of 3 or more at different Shooting Galleries - Fortnite Challenge Guide
10-18 Wilson Fisk is a Trump-like figure in Daredevil season 3, says showrunner
10-18 Pokémon Let's Go video provides first look at Master Trainers
10-18 Wot I Think – Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales
10-18 Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales transforms Gwent into magic
10-18 Rockstar devs comment on work culture after 100-hours backlash
10-18 They broke PUBG again, so players are getting apology beanies and a lump sum of battle points
10-18 Starlink on Switch reportedly shipping to some without a game inside
10-18 Have You Played… Shadowgrounds?
10-18 Netflix's Marvel shows aren't going anywhere unless Netflix wants them to
10-18 Red Dead Redemption 2 developers open up about work conditions at Rockstar Games
10-18 I finally have my most-requested Heroes of the Storm character in Mal'Ganis
10-18 Blizzard tempers Diablo hype for BlizzCon 2018
10-18 Blumhouse has never produced a theatrically released horror movie directed by a woman — but hopes to
10-18 Rocket League cross-play party system delayed until 2019
10-18 Five free old-school titles coming to SNK 40th Anniversary Collection on Switch
10-18 Battlefield 5’s single-player story left me feeling disappointed
10-18 The Battlefield 5 campaign lets you play from the German perspective but "it's not a hero story", insists DICE
10-18 Monolith Soft boss says he'd 'love' to bring Xenoblade Chronicles X to Switch if money was no object
10-18 What are you up to, Kevin?
10-18 Battlezone's rogue-lite co-op combat is worth another look on Switch
10-18 Dead or Alive Festival in Tokyo will feature demos, cosplay and more
10-18 Master Trainers are a new post-game activity for Pokemon: Let's Go
10-18 CCP says this year's EVE Vegas is the biggest non-Iceland event in the company's history
10-18 Several Valve games now look better on Xbox One X
10-18 Soulcalibur mini-documentary continues to hype new sequel launch
10-18 Nintendo Download: Dark Souls (Switch)
10-18 PUBG is giving PC players free beanies to apologise for server issues
10-18 New Starlink trailer includes appearances from Star Fox villains
10-18 HBO provides its first look at the upcoming Watchmen series
10-18 Japan is getting yet another amazing Pokemon Cafe promotion
10-18 Persona Q2 finally heralds the coolest character in the series, Mitsuru Kirijo
10-18 Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel retcon explained by Bethesda
10-18 Review: Return of the Obra Dinn
10-18 Secretly console first: A better approach to multi-platform game UI design
10-18 Sega's Virtual On titles headed to PS4, will be compatible with crowdfunded twin-stick controller
10-18 Check out this amazing Legend of Zelda art series as soon as possible
10-18 The Accounting+ Trailer is the best thing you’ll watch today
10-18 Assassin's Creed Odyssey forced to cancel first Elite Mercenary event
10-17 Mario Gets An Axe To The Head For Halloween
10-17 Assassin's Creed Odyssey Live Event Canceled Via A Funny Tweet
10-17 Orange Is The New Black Ending After Next Season
10-17 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reviews Roundup
10-17 Red Dead Redemption 2 Pre-Loading Starts This Week, Here's When
10-17 Black Ops 4 Update Patch Notes Detail New Tweaks
10-17 Here's More Fortnite Skins Leaked From Update 6.10
10-17 PSN Back Online For PS4 After Network Suffers Outage
10-17 Battlefield 5 Story Trailer Rises To The Occasion
10-17 Rockstar Clarifies Red Dead Redemption 2 100-Hour Work Week Comments
10-17 Destiny 2 May Return To The Taken King's Dreadnaught
10-17 Red Dead Redemption 2's File Size And Other Stats Revealed
10-17 Shuri #1 gives Wakanda’s princess her own Black Panther moment
10-17 Video: Creating the flooding effects in Uncharted 3
10-17 Loot Crate launches Loot Play, an indie games subscription service
10-17 It's finally possible to legitimately get The Stanley Parable's 'don't play for five years' achievement
10-17 Override: Mech City Brawl faces down an alien invasion in a new trailer
10-17 Obama announced that he doesn’t care about Pokémon, thus ushering in an age of heartbreak
10-17 The Division developer: Politics in games are 'bad for business'
10-17 Assassin's Creed Odyssey's first live Epic Mercenary event has been cancelled
10-17 You can't escape the evil of the Thriller with this new Super Mario Odyssey costume
10-17 Undertale DLC hits Taito rhythm ’em up Groove Coaster
10-17 Sci-fi movies warped our idea of space travel
10-17 Epic takes big-time YouTuber to federal court over Fortnite hacks
10-17 Shopkeeping action-RPG Moonlighter is coming to Switch this November
10-17 Where and how to buy a PlayStation 4 Pro
10-17 The uphill battle of getting Katamari Damacy noticed by Namco
10-17 In today's episode of Pregame Discharge: EGLX will have the showdown of the century!
10-17 Fallout 76: trailers, release date, beta release date, everything we know
10-17 Contest: Win a Steam key for Antigraviator
10-17 Get a job: Join the Digital Extremes team as a PR Manager
10-17 Ode To A Moon is a psychedelic horror adventure “inspired by actual events”
10-17 Chinese firm GAEA picks up 20% stake in Dead by Daylight dev Behaviour
10-17 Here's a first look at Thirty Flights of Loving dev's sci-fi sandbox shooter Skin Deep
10-17 The best horror video games to play on Halloween
10-17 You can start downloading Red Dead Redemption 2 on Friday
10-17 Blizzard asks that you temper your expectations for Diablo reveals at BlizzCon
10-17 Don't Miss: Designing Dream Daddy's character creator to deepen engagement
10-17 XRDC speaker Q& A: Thomas Jon Caruso on the power of VR therapy
10-17 Original Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch performer retires
10-17 Wot I Think: RimWorld
10-17 The Kid Who Would Be King pulls its first trailer from... some concrete
10-17 Resonance Of Fate: HD Edition dives into stores guns blazing
10-17 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Voice Actors Will Reprise Roles In Battlefront 2
10-17 Steam store pages now officially support animated gifs
10-17 The 13 Best Horror TV Shows That Will Haunt Your Dreams
10-17 World War 3 Early Access Gameplay Livestream
10-17 Rocket League's cross-platform parties pushed back to next year as Psyonix hopes Sony plays ball
10-17 You'll soon be able to date your Dream Daddy on PlayStation 4
10-17 Get tips on making better VR games straight from Viveport at XRDC
10-17 Netflix's Apostle Ending Explained
10-17 Loot Crate now offers a monthly indie game subscription service
10-17 Hasbro Reveals Lots Of New Marvel Legends Toys, Including Venom And More Symbiotes
10-17 New Hulu Releases In November 2018: More TV Shows And Movies Coming And Going (US)
10-17 Black Ops 4 Tops Most-Anticipated Games List And Breaks Records - GS News Update