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01-23 How the Distraint series stands out in the crowded horror genre
01-22 True Detective Season 3 Episode 3 Breakdown "The Big Never"
01-22 Dead Or Alive 6 Devs Want To Make The Jump To The Larger Esports Stage
01-22 2019 Oscar Nominees: Black Panther, Bohemian Rhapsody, Roma Up For Awards - GameSpot Universe News Update
01-22 Nintendo's Switch Sold Better In The US In 2018 Than Any Console Since In Three Years
01-22 PUBG's New Vikendi Snow Map Now Available On PS4 And Xbox One
01-22 Dead or Alive 6 - Brand New Gameplay Of Christie, Helena, And So Much More
01-22 Dead or Alive 6’s wokeness looks like marketing voodoo
01-22 Red Dead 2 Was 2018's Best-Selling Game In The US, But Smash Bros. Beat It In December
01-22 You can now fight Alien's Xenomorph Queen in Monster Hunter World
01-22 Video: How I got my mom to play through Plants vs. Zombies
01-22 Mortal Kombat 11's Kosmetics Look Incredible - All Intros, Victories, And Skins So Far.
01-22 WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Predictions: Becky Lynch Wins Everything, Forever
01-22 Sonar Beat bops along to the aquatic beat today
01-22 10 Reasons to Be Excited for Metro Exodus
01-22 Pokemon Go's Community Day For February 2019 Announced
01-22 Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones Is Very Unhappy About The Upcoming Sequel - GameSpot Universe News Update
01-22 True Detective Season 3: Theories From Episode 3
01-22 Sea of Thieves is enjoying a resurgence on Twitch
01-22 The Humble Caffeine Bundle is full of games worth staying up late for
01-22 Two gaming monitors with AMD FreeSync are on sale for less than $300
01-22 My Time at Portia devs compensate voice actors for unpaid wages
01-22 Demon's Souls Creator Open To Another Studio Doing A Remaster
01-22 The Magicians Season 4: 9 Things You Need To Know, Straight From The Cast And Producers
01-22 Miyazaki shares his thoughts on much-requested Demon's Souls remake
01-22 Someone tried to kill all the Justice League babies in Young Justice: Outsiders
01-22 Overwatch's next event is Lunar New Year 2019 and it starts on Thursday
01-22 Tencent still absent from third round of Chinese game approvals
01-22 Get a job: Disbelief is hiring a Junior Programmer in Chicago
01-22 World of Warcraft update brings new raid, new dungeon mechanic
01-22 Resident Evil 2's time-restricted demo has been downloaded over 3 million times
01-22 Red Dead Redemption 2, Black Ops 4, and Smash Ultimate are among 2018's biggest sellers
01-22 FutureGrind’s tumbling cyberbikes are out now
01-22 Resident Evil 2 add-on content will star three new survivors
01-22 PUBG’s latest map, Vikendi, is now out for the console versions of the game
01-22 Don't Miss: The secret history of Donkey Kong
01-22 Sci-fi grand strategy game Stellaris gets a February release date on PS4 and Xbox One
01-22 Hothead Games opens new publishing division
01-22 Loiter endlessly in an airport in Brownie Cove Cancelled
01-22 Obsidian is patching an optional turn-based mode into Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
01-22 Um, where is Tom Hardy’s Oscar nomination for Venom?
01-22 Learn new and exciting ways to use AI in game dev at GDC 2019
01-22 5 of the best Slay The Spire character mods
01-22 Cultist Simulator summons New Game+ mode today
01-22 Contest: Win a Blu-ray copy of Arrow Video's Waterworld
01-22 The Hong Kong Massacre gracefully dives into stores
01-22 Classic tabletop game BattleTech is back with two excellent new starter sets
01-22 Glass isn’t alone: 6 ‘realistic’ superhero comics to read next
01-22 343 Industries has a Master Chief Collection announcement saved for SXSW
01-22 Road to the IGF: Nova-box's Seers Isle
01-22 Metro Exodus shows off its arsenal
01-22 The snubs and surprises of this year’s Oscar nominations
01-22 Fortnite guide (v7.20) – Season 7 tips, challenges, weapons, locations, building
01-22 Fortnite Season 8 release date – Fortnite skins, Season 8 map changes, theories, Battle Pass
01-22 Life is Strange 2's second episode gets a trailer ahead of this week's release
01-22 Miyazaki is 'okay' with a Demon's Souls remaster, but it's 'complicated'
01-22 Hey devs, submissions are now open for Day of the Devs at GDC 2019!
01-22 Follow dozens of indie Q& As in our Road to the IGF series!
01-22 PUBG's snowy Vikendi map is now live on PS4 and Xbox One
01-22 See Tetsuya Mizuguchi discuss making Tetris Effect at GDC 2019!
01-22 Premature Evaluation: Atlas
01-22 What's the deal with Trials Rising's microtransactions?
01-22 Trials Rising's leaderboards and user-created tracks will be cross-platform
01-22 Bethesda flat-out denies Fallout 76 is going free-to-play
01-22 Demon’s Tilt flips into early access today
01-22 Road to the IGF: Julián Cordero's levedad
01-22 Blog: Why the Epic Games Store could be huge for influencers
01-22 Battle of Dazar'alor and Mythic+ Season 2 now live in World of Warcraft
01-22 Streamer raises $340,000 for trans charity by playing Donkey Kong 64
01-22 Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire getting a full-on turn-based mode this week
01-22 A Fold Apart puzzle-platforms through a long distance relationship
01-22 Resident Evil 2 is everything a video game remake should be
01-22 All three seasons of The Expanse will be available on Amazon Prime starting Feb. 8
01-22 Life is Strange 2's Episode 2 trailer goes to gram and gramp's house
01-22 The mega-sized Steven Universe finale was full of references and payoffs
01-22 Activision is selling a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 smiley face reticle for £1.79
01-22 Dissidia NT's final season pass character to be revealed soon
01-22 Far Cry New Dawn brings a ‘light RPG approach’ to the Far Cry series
01-22 Fortnite’s new patch adds decoy snowmen to the game
01-22 It looks like Yakuza Kiwami has a February release date on Steam
01-22 Review: Resident Evil 2 (2019)
01-22 Wintry Hitman 2 update lets Agent 47 throw snowballs in Japan
01-22 Blog: The conflicting design of the 'Zelda-rogue'
01-22 Star Wars Battlefront II summons Count Dooku tomorrow
01-22 Square Enix has trademarked the name of Octopath Traveler's art style
01-22 Nintendo of Europe will be hosting an Indie Highlights stream tomorrow
01-22 Indie-focused Nintendo Switch broadcast due tomorrow
01-22 Review: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey
01-22 Stellaris: Console Edition arrives in February, the first grand strategy title on PS4, Xbox One
01-22 Pikuniku and other Devolver Digital games are free with Twitch Prime
01-22 Full list of 2019 Oscar Nominations, revealed
01-22 The path to Black Panther’s history-making Best Picture nomination
01-22 Today's Fortnite patch adds snowmen disguises
01-22 What are some of your favourite Smash Bros. memories?
01-22 Monster Hunter: World adds 21:9 support in today’s update
01-22 Octopath Traveler's "HD2D" is now a Square Enix trademark
01-22 Soundbyte: The controllers bringing games to those with disabilities
01-22 Remember Cloud? He's back, in Kingdom Hearts statue form
01-22 SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays announced for Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam
01-22 Disjunction is like a stealthier, cyberpunkier Hotline Miami
01-22 Monster Hunter: World now has ultrawide 21:9 support
01-22 Webtoy of the day: build your own silly-named spaceships
01-22 Parliament wants your opinion on links between games and gambling
01-22 Hostile Springs content coming to Fire Emblem Heroes today
01-22 Resident Evil 2 to receive free post-launch mode and costumes
01-22 These Smash Ultimate invitations are a cute arts and crafts project
01-22 Big FIFA 19 patch finally nerfs overpowered timed and finesse shots
01-22 Fortnite challenges: Week 7 challenges, Battle Pass challenges, Snowfall challenges,
01-22 Rumour: Coded entries supposedly point to incoming Soulcalibur VI characters
01-22 Mortal Kombat 11 seems unlikely to have cross-play at launch but NetherRealm are looking at the possibilities
01-21 Have You Played… Mortal Kombat X?
01-21 Disney's Star Wars Land Getting A Comic Book Before It Opens
01-21 The First 14 Minutes Of Life Is Strange 2: Episode 2
01-21 Steven Universe’s climactic showdown delivered a complicated lesson on childhood
01-21 Cuphead Studio Has "Pretty Epic" Ideas For Next Game
01-21 Fab rogue-like deck-builder Slay the Spire leaves Steam early access this week
01-21 Synthetik: Arena is a free condensed take on an intense roguelike shooter
01-21 Yakuza Kiwami teased for a February 19th PC release
01-21 Yakuza Kiwami coming to Steam in mid-February
01-21 Ghostbusters Reboot Star Is Very Unhappy About The Upcoming Sequel
01-21 Dragon Ball Super: Broly’s villains set up an interesting future for the series
01-21 Mob Psycho 100 season 2 doubles down on the empathy that makes the show great
01-21 Which Fyre Festival Documentary Should You Watch: Netflix's Or Hulu's?
01-21 Player takes impressive stab at recreating cult corridor horror PT in Media Molecule's Dreams
01-21 Strange Telephone puzzlingly dials up PCs today
01-21 Mortal Kombat 11’s time-cheating character is the game’s coolest new addition
01-21 The Biggest Movie To Watch In 2019
01-21 The Division 2's Dark Zones Are Less Intimidating, But Will Make You More Devious
01-21 Influencer plans say a lot about Epic Games Store’s vision of itself
01-21 I jumped on every bed in Wandersong on PS4
01-21 Hitman 2 takes a festive detour to back to Hokkaido today
01-21 RTX 2060 vs GTX 1070: Which Nvidia graphics card is better?
01-21 Twitch stream for trans charity draws megabucks, game developer guests, and a US congresswoman
01-21 Contest: Win a Steam copy of Catherine Classic
01-21 Heat wants to be Red Dead Online for the PC, but the developer has a troubled history
01-21 Site update: Help us secure your accounts with tougher passwords
01-21 Catch up on Dragon Age: Origins, now fan-patched with fewer bugs
01-21 PUBG weapons: damage and weapon stats, best weapons list, including G36C, Skorpion, and more
01-21 Fortnite guide (v7.20) – tips and tricks for Season 7, challenges, weapons, locations, building
01-21 Deadpool Creator Debuts New Marvel Character
01-21 Fortnite Season 8 release date – new skins, Season 8 map changes, theories, Battle Pass
01-21 Learn how Weta built Dr. Grordbort's Invaders for Magic Leap at GDC 2019!
01-21 Cheaters force Ark dev's pirate MMO Atlas offline for a second time in less than a week
01-21 Best StarCraft 2 mods: huge RTS campaigns you can play for free
01-21 Piranha Plant's Smash Ultimate release timing has been narrowed down a bit
01-21 How Resident Evil 2 fell apart, then became one of Capcom’s biggest hits
01-21 How machine learning is helping fans remaster retro classics
01-21 Stardew Valley has a performance update on Switch
01-21 Netflix’s Io is grand sci-fi trapped on Earth
01-21 Blog: Fascination with the Obra Dinn
01-21 Wot I Think: Pikuniku
01-21 Pikuniku Review - Tasty Morsel
01-21 Don't be a menace in Walmart while drinking your wine out of a Pringles can
01-21 The Shrouded Isle is a horror game about making bad decisions
01-21 How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wound up on a Donkey Kong 64 Twitch charity stream
01-21 Anthem's demo has some significant differences from the full game
01-21 CI Games establishes United Label, a new publishing label dedicated to indies
01-21 Yakuza Kiwami PC reveals its February release date in a fun way
01-21 Anthem: 55 interesting details we’ve gleaned from the tweets of its creators
01-21 YouTuber sacrifices sleep to stream Donkey Kong 64, raises $340k for trans kids
01-21 Travis Strikes Again gets a New Game+ option
01-21 Shazam Fights Evil And Buys Beer In Hilarious New Trailer
01-21 NCSoft makes layoffs at mobile developer Iron Tiger Studios
01-21 Ace Combat 7 earned series' best UK debut
01-21 Review: Pikuniku
01-21 The original Allied Races still have a part to play in World of Warcraft’s story
01-21 Blog: Why nobody cares about your indie game
01-21 PUBG players have discovered that the game's framerate directly affects weapon recoil
01-21 YouTuber Hbomberguy's Donkey Kong 64 marathon raised over $340,000 for trans youth
01-21 Newly discovered prehistoric shark named after arcade classic Galaga
01-21 Mortal Kombat 11 for Switch being developed by Shiver Entertainment
01-21 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story 3DS Review Roundup
01-21 Decidueye nearly made it into Smash Ultimate over Incineroar, lack of ARMS/Xenoblade representation is due to 'bad timing'
01-21 Top 10 UK Games Chart: Ace Combat 7 Debuts Above Red Dead Redemption 2
01-21 Pokémon Go's new event receives mixed response from fans
01-21 The System Shock remake looks magnificently moody in this new footage
01-21 Watch out, traitors have invaded The Blackout Club
01-21 A sim racer just beat an ex-F1 driver in a real-life race
01-21 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate nearly featured Decidueye instead of Incineroar
01-21 Advanced UX Prototyping: Next Gen Prototyping for Games & Apps
01-21 During a live Overwatch victory ceremony, the winning team's trophy broke
01-21 Ace Combat 7 makes impressive debut in the UK Charts
01-20 Have You Played… Full Tilt! Pinball – Space Cadet?
01-20 Review: Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes
01-20 Video Game Deep Cuts: NASA Slime-d Me With A BadCupid
01-20 Here's Overwatch's First New Skins From Year Of The Pig
01-20 Pikachu Has Digestive Problems In Latest Footage From New Pokemon Movie
01-20 Sean Penn TV Show About Going To Mars Canceled After 1 Season
01-20 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey Review
01-20 Glass Is Expected To Have Third-Biggest MLK Weekend Opening Ever
01-20 Fantastic Beasts 3 Production Delayed, But Not Very Long
01-20 M. Night Shyamalan Financed Glass Himself To The Tune Of $20 Million
01-20 New Detective Pikachu footage shows off more of Ryan Reynolds’ mouthy Pokémon
01-20 Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe is a feathery Neko Atsume with added hats
01-20 New Shazam footage dunks on Dark Knight’s tagline
01-20 Grand Theft Auto 3 fans try to recreate the game’s pre-release version
01-20 Marshmellow Day Spa is the most adorable hot chocolate simulator you’ll see today
01-20 Review: Vane
01-20 Overkill’s The Walking Dead delayed again on consoles, this time indefinitely
01-20 Creepy new Layers of Fear 2 footage aired at PAX South