Hearthstone and Comparing Games to Hearthstone

Hearthstone and Comparing Games to Hearthstone

If you haven’t yet heard of the most popular online card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is an free-to-play collectible card game created by Blizzard Entertainment. By The Numbers: Most Popular Online Games Right Now, an article by Jeremiah Paul places Hearthstone as the second most popular online game with over 50 million players logging in every month and the most popular E-sport to watch.

Initial Thoughts: SUPERHOT

SUPERHOT is a first person puzzle shooter with simple graphics, a type of time travel mechanic, and a cryptic storyline. The player plays a character that’s playing a cracked video game from a friend on an old, 80’s-90’s computer. The player experiences the menu and between-level narrative in this computer, which simulates the bubble of a CRT and the constrained ASCII character interface (don’t worry, you can use your mouse). Narrative advance occurs primarily via the computer interface via a chat program that runs in the background.

Initial Thoughts: Hyrule Warriors Legends (Not for the Faint of Thumb)

Hyrule Warriors Legends is a third person hack and slash in the style of Dynasty Warriors and in the universe of The Legend Of Zelda. The combat style is signature to the Dynasty Warriors franchise. The player may choose certain characters to fight as from the start, depending on the mission, and can live switch during battle to another, depending on whether the character is available to play. The story components are essentially a fanfic-remix of the original story, since it does not actually fit in with any part of Nintendo’s official timeline for The Legend Of Zelda franchise.

Why I Finally Dumped Sam Fisher and Fell in Love with Big Boss (Splinter Cell: Blacklist / Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain review)

     Call it an asset or call it a vice, but I have always considered myself doggedly loyal to the series I enjoy. Once I hop on a bandwagon, it takes nothing short of a kick to the teeth to knock me off. That may explain why I’ve always been so faithful to Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series, which, although has been a regular fixture of third-person espionage games for nearly two decades now, has always played second-fiddle to the big brother of all espionage games: Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid.

Actual Sunlight

Actual Sunlight is a short interactive story developed by Will O’Neill that was originally released in 2013 but after a successful indiegogo campaign the game gained new life with original art and music. It offers a glimpse into the life of Evan Winter and his struggle with depression. It’s a different type of game,if one at all, that plays more like a short story that deals with mature topics such as loneliness, debt and suicide. Actual Sunlight isn’t a ‘fun’ game but rather a linear story the player unfortunately cannot deviate from.

The Witness

Puzzles are something nearly everyone can get behind. Some are good at them, some are not so good at them, but completing a puzzle has this universal thrill to it, and the 2016 release The Witness taps into that by creating an entire island that is effectively a single puzzle for the player to solve. From the mind of Jonathan Blow, The Witness is an open world puzzle game reminiscent of Myst. The central game mechanic is simple in and of itself: draw the correct solution to a maze.

Review: The Beginner's Guide

The Beginner’s Guide is the sophomore title from developer Davey Wreden, who previously found success as the co-creator of the award-winning Stanley Parable (2011). Those who have played Stanley will remember its quirky philosophy and biting sense of humor. When Wreden announced that he was going to release a second title in October 2015, fans expected something of the same style.

Shovel Knight

First Impressions

Shovel Knight is a 2-D platformer with a strong retro aesthetic. The player plays as the titular shovel-wielding hero who sets out to stop an evil enchantress, with some subplot about Shovel Knight’s missing friend, Shield Knight.


First Impressions

I played the original, game-jam prototype of SUPERHOT a while ago and was really impressed by it. After seeing it at GDC and playing a short demo of it on the expo floor, I decided to buy it from Steam. The released game is exactly what I wanted it to be - an even more in-depth exploration of the game’s clever central mechanic:


Release date: February 9, 2016

Genre: Adventure

Rating: M

Developed by: Campo Santo

Publisher: Panic



Imagine Friday the 13th, a group of teenagers isolated in a forest, and a murderous psychopath on the loose. Take that context, put the teenagers on an island, and make it a psychological thriller instead of a slasher, then you’ve got the setting for Night School Studios’ Oxenfree.

That Dragon, Cancer

That Dragon, Cancer is an Indie Adventure game developed and published by Numinous Games that follows the story of the Green family and their son, Joel, through his four-year battle with cancer. This game is driven by family’s very real struggle to deal with the woes of terminal illness. It gives the player an insight into the anger, despair and hope a family with an cancer-stricken son faces. Where That Dragon lacks in gameplay it excels in a simplistic design that leaves an emotional impact on the player.