Alto's Odyssey

First impression: Alto’s Odyssey is a game where you control a character that is sand surfing across many different sandy hills. The beginning of the game revolves around the tutorial where you are taught the basic control scheme of the game. The controls are simple, you just have to tap the screen to jump and hold your finger down to rotate counter-clockwise in the air. There are several things in the world you’ll have to watch out for. These include: rocks, jars, balloons, coins, powerups, and the rope strung between hot air balloons.

Darkest Dungeon

First impression: The game is a side-scrolling RPG game based around a very unforgiving world. The game's combat is turn-based and relies on how prepared you and your party are when you embark on quests. The background story you are given in the beginning is about your families manor. Rumors of a dark power residing below the manor begin to circulate and the current owner of the manor begins an expedition to find this dark power. The owner of the manor ends up finding the dark power but everything becomes overwhelmed by the power that is unleashed.

Mirror Drop

First Impressions: Mirror Drop is a 3D puzzle game that revolves around clicking, moving and interacting with the space and shapes around you. The colors are very vibrant and the shapes are simple geometry but are amplified through mirroring used throughout the game. Each level has a different goal and it is up to you to figure out what the puzzle is by clicking around. Because there is no tutorial or instructions, the levels can be quite challenging but extremely satisfying once you figure it out.

It's Paper Guy!

First Impressions: It’s Paper Guy! is a 3D side-scrolling game where you follow Paper Guy on his adventures. Paper Guy’s world is made up of (you guessed it) paper. Some of it is grid paper, some of it is plain paper with drawings on them. To interact with the world around him, you can cut most anything by drawing a line with your mouse. The game has a positive, fun vibe, so you’re unable to cut animals or people because that would harm them. The animations are done well and the cutting mechanic is very interesting.

Monument Valley

First Impressions: Monument Valley is about a princess Ida who is on a mission exploring various monuments. Each monument is a puzzle maze where you as the player must move pieces to get Ida through each level. The game mechanics are very simple -- rotating, sliding, clicking -- and done very well, while the puzzles are still challenging and thought-provoking. Similarly, the artwork is also simple but captivating. The colors are bright, the monuments are all geometric and 3D-like, but the animations give life and movement to the geometry.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

First Impressions

Description: In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, teammates can collaborate to defuse bombs, solve puzzles, and survive a timer.

Mirror Drop

First Impressions

Description: Mirror Drop is a puzzle game with beautiful geometric visuals. It has several visually stunning levels for the player to solve.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys

First Impressions

Description: Do Not Feed The Monkeys is a game about observing primates – humans – and trying to make enough money to maintain your observation club membership without interacting with the subjects.

Polo's Escape

This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game Polo's Escape. It was developed at Milano, Politecnico di Milano in Italy. Overall, the game was good for being only made in a single weekend. It's not a game I would go out of my way to play more than one time for about 20 min though. The premise is that you are on a diplomatic space mission in the future and you have to use the orbits of various asteroids and debris to navigate through space to get to black holes.

Crab Jam Review

This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game "Crab Jam". It was developed in Canada. ( In this game, you play as a crab that has to avoid getting swept away by oncoming waves, by solving a puzzle to block yourself with rocks, plants, and other sea life. In order to move the crab you use either the arrow keys or WASD keys. To move an object, you push it by moving behind it and pushing it forward. There are 12 levels to the game, each one getting progressively more difficult to solve with additional obstacles you have to maneuver.


This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game WhisperWave. It was developed at Abertay University in the United Kingdom. In this game you play as a stranded alien trying to escape from a bunker. In the bunker however, there are supersonic using bats which chase and try to eat you. The game is made on a 3D platform, though some of the objects, such as the bats, are still in 2D. You control the character using WASD to navigate your way through the maze-like bunker. Every time you move a small circle appears around you, showing the range of the noise which you make.

Hello World

This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game Hello World. It was developed at Gran Mermelada Jam MX in Mexico. 


This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game Jump'N. It was developed at Global Game Jam Calgary in Canada.

This game is a simple survival game to see how long the user can last before dying. The character is a squishy looking purple cube hopping from island square to island square. The game can be measured by the amount of time you stay in located at the top of the screen.

Charlie Green

This is a review for the Global Game Jam 2017 game Charlie Green. It was developed at Haifa in Israel.